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Professional Cleaner


£16,000 – £18,000. Overtime and commission payments will be available subject to performance.


The role is Full Time, whilst the majority of the work will be carried out in the weekday, you may be required to work at a weekend from time to time.


You will be required to speak English.

Job description

The majority of our work is based in the City. Day to day, you will be completing end of tenancy cleans, along with cleaning office space which can require an early start or late finish. Your day will start and end at our Head Office, which is just situated off the ring road on the west side of the City, walking distance from the train station, metro link or indeed a variety of bus stops. You will work with one of our Team Leaders, who will ensure that you get to each location safely and on time. Standard cleaning products and work wear will be issued to you upon completing your induction.

What we’re looking for

Individuals who are passionate about doing a good job. We treat the business of cleaning seriously and expect to maintain high standards at all times. However, we like to reward performance by offering a commission structure, something that none of our competitors provide. You are expected to work hard, diligently, honestly and with a smile on your face but in return you will become part of a young forward thinking business that cares for its workforce.

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